Property Accountant

Whether you are a property developer, structural engineering firms, architects or construction companies, Lotus Smart property Accountant is committed to provide high quality professional services to our clients. Our specialist property development accounting services include:

  • GST, capital gains and income tax advice
  • Project feasibility
  • Cost control and management of cash flows
  • Risk management
  • Business strategy
  • Construction loan and other means of capital raising
  • Business structure and governance
  • Asset protection

The property development involves selecting a suitable site, obtain relevant permits, financial arrangements, construction of the dwelling(s) and sale of the property. A significant gap of time frame is inevitable in completing the whole process. In the meantime, the changes in the market and tax legislation may have occurred during those time slots since you began the development and brought it into the market for sale. Does that worry you? Don’t waste a second worrying about it at all because having a property accountant like us by your side means none of those should be a concern for you anymore. You are more likely to minimize the worry and hassle and maximize the potential for even a lucrative result instead